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Today Is The Day: Vomac Pop Up Shop - 3pm

By Myles Parrish

Today Is The Day: Vomac Pop Up Shop - 3pm

Today is the day... Please come over to Strikes in Rocklin' today from 3pm -7pm to celebrate the release of my Mixtape, "Vomac"! Gonna perform a couple of NEW songs for the first time. Excited to do that. Might even shoot a little video with whoever comes for "Tommy Bahama"! Of course I am gonna bowl.

I will have some new Merch, signed CDs, you can pre-order my first vinyl which is getting pressed now! I hope to have pictures of it today but the color is metallic aluminum and cause Grover would have it no other way, it is gonna sound fantastic too!  I will sign it to you and this color is limited to a one time pressing of 200. Don't sleep on this. 

Oh don't worry, we are going to have all this stuff on the web site too at 3pm, when the Pop Up Shop opens. You just won't be able to bowl with me today.

 I have some more big news coming this week too!

Thanks to Endfest and everybody over there at TheEnd in Sacto for the support! I was on the air with ChrisK yesterday and he threw out an invite to play Endfest tomorrow. Just might do that. Thank you for all the love!

Let's Get It!

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